A rare research equipment lost at sea 4 years ago has been found. Its contents may contain valuable information about the behavior of gray seals on Sable Island.
The founder of analytical psychology, psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung typified his patients depending on how much their abilities to feel and perceive predominate over the functions of thinking and believing, thus distinguishing extroverts and introverts among people. We offer you to take his famous test and learn a little more about yourself.
Most dogs live on average from ten to 14 years. Of course, some may be long-lived, others may be predisposed to certain diseases. But is there a universal way to prolong the life of your pet? Scientists from the University of Nottingham Trent know a few secrets!
Today, the weather forecast is no longer just a solution to a complex mathematical problem or divination by clouds. Today, in addition to complex technologies, user experience about errors is also used to compile it. This allows you to make the precipitation forecast more accurate by 20%, with details to the house.
It is fashionable to grow flowers now: this hobby has long attracted not only quiet decent pensioners, but also very extravagant people. The world of indoor plants is very diverse: for each of us there is a flower suitable in character, temperament and degree of originality.
Specialists of the state Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vector have found out whether it is possible to get infected with coronavirus through drinking or sea water.
These exercises are very simple, do not take much time and have a good effect. They will strengthen the muscles so that when you get up from a chair or carry a bag of groceries, you will not accidentally get injured. However, we still recommend performing them under the supervision of a trainer, and if there are any health problems, consult a doctor before classes.
Veneers are thin, usually ceramic overlays on the outside of the tooth. They hide aesthetic flaws: yellowish or dark teeth color, worn enamel or chips.
The Ministry of Health claims that vaccination against coronavirus does not increase the risk of obstetric or perinatal complications, but it is better to do it at a certain time.
Libido. This concept of psychoanalysis was developed by grandfather Freud to explain the sacred sexual energy of a person. We offer you to learn more about your sexual inclinations by the method of the author of graphic tests Zlata Koroleva.