Mineral water is called water that contains dissolved salts, trace elements, as well as some biologically active components. Isn't that why she's always with gas?
Heating and cooling systems consume huge amounts of energy, so passive temperature control can be a good way to reduce harmful emissions. Phase transition Materials (PCM) are great for this purpose, and recently Texas A&M engineers have developed a new one that can be printed on a 3D printer.
Studies on coffee appear all the time. If at the end of the XX century they most often talked about the dangers of coffee, then in the XXI century the tone changed diametrically. Hundreds of studies on the benefits of coffee have been published. Of the latter: coffee is useful for older people as a means of preserving hearing; coffee protects against prostate cancer; coffee helps people who have suffered serious illnesses and diabetics.
Many people work in coffee shops. Perhaps freshly brewed coffee can really stimulate brain activity, but what about the noise and the people around you? It seems absolutely impossible to concentrate in such an environment. And despite this, a huge number of people, especially creative professions, become much more productive in public places. What is the mystery of coffee shops?
Having saved on alcohol, a person can wake up the next day after having fun with a ringing head and pain all over his body. Why do cheap alcoholic beverages more often lead to a severe hangover than expensive ones?
We often hear that you need to drink alcohol in a strict manner, increasing the strength of drinks. But will this rule save you from a severe hangover?
How often have you promised yourself to stop drinking sugary soda? Most probably intended to do this even after the terrible stories that Coca-Cola corrodes the walls of the stomach. However, if you are not convinced by children's horror stories, we know that it will definitely discourage you from drinking soda for at least a week!
The American Heart Association (AHA) has released the results of the first large-scale study aimed at identifying the relationship between alcohol consumption, diabetes and hypertension.
Like many existing substances, sodium oxybutyrate can be both beneficial to humans and dangerous to health.
We tell you the most important thing about coffee — a drink that has conquered the whole world.