The founder of analytical psychology, psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung typified his patients depending on how much their abilities to feel and perceive predominate over the functions of thinking and believing, thus distinguishing extroverts and introverts among people. We offer you to take his famous test and learn a little more about yourself.
Scientists of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and Saratov State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky have developed a new, cost-effective method for visualizing blood flow in the vessels of the brain. The accuracy of the method is so high that it allows reconstructing the vascular map by the movement of individual red blood cells, and without the use of toxic dyes and expensive genetic engineering.
Babies, imitating the speech of their parents, begin to babble. They, without realizing it, try to cut into the conversation. This is because there are areas in our brain that are evolutionarily predetermined for speech processing. Reading literally changes the brain and modifies it.
Do you feel younger than indicated in the passport? Most likely, your mental age does not correspond to your biological age. How do you determine how old you really are? Psychologists suggest solving this problem with the help of color tests. Here's one for you.
Any person who dreams of reaching career heights should continuously develop and upgrade their skills — both hard and soft. Only a combination of professional competencies plus developed socio-psychological qualities will allow you to organize any activity correctly.
If you pay attention in time, then the disease can be noticed at its early stage.
Our incredible ability to learn is a determining factor in the development of the species, but we still do not fully understand exactly how our brain learns new knowledge and skills.
This summer, scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology recruited a group of volunteers who passed a number of tests for attention, memory and thinking. So researchers have found a connection between the size of pupils and human intelligence.
Chess is the most popular game in the business community. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sergey Galitsky, Vladimir Potanin and other famous businessmen play chess. PayPal co-founder, the first external investor in Facebook, Peter Thiel, became one of the best players in the country under the age of 21 as a teenager.
For every study that finds evidence of the benefits of educational games, there is a study that does not find them, warns cognitive neuroscientist Bobby Stojanoski.