This delivery will be the 23rd for NASA since the shutting down of the shuttle program in 2011. Since that time, NASA cargo has been transported by private companies.
In total, 14 sources of gamma rays have been detected, which can come from stars consisting of antimatter.
At a recent event in France, the first–ever wine tasting was held, which was aged in space for a year - and even experts liked it.
Astrophysicists have built a model of the appearance of black holes, and at the same time explained what dark matter consists of. Russian scientists have built a device to search for minerals and precious metals on the moon. The ISS photographs jets, elves and dwarfs. The annual rings of trees have kept the memory of sun spots for a thousand years.
It's not the first time scientists have taken spiders into space to assess the effect of gravity on the creation of a web. Previous attempts were unsuccessful, but a recent experiment pointed to a feature of arthropods that the researchers did not even know about.
On the Web, you can often find mentions that the legendary Wall is so large that it can be seen even from space. But is it worth believing the rumors?
Regardless of the situation in the world, quarantine and self-isolation, the sky is always free and open. Even when it's overcast. And it can be studied by observing amazing things and making discoveries for yourself. We will tell you how.
The Earth's magnetic field protects its surface and its inhabitants — including all people with their fragile bodies, as well as sensitive electronics — from deadly cosmic rays and charged particles flying from the Sun. However, in some places this invisible armor is weakening, and the gaps are growing. Therefore, scientists from all over the world are studying such anomalies very carefully in order to better understand the mechanics of the magnetohydrodynamic dynamo in the bowels of the planet, as well as predict changes in the magnetic field.
The growing interest of commercial companies in space has led to a revision of approaches to the design of space suits. Throughout the twentieth century, engineers involved in the development of spacesuits were most concerned about safety and functionality. At the new, commercial stage of space exploration, when the opinion of society and its desire to invest money in the industry became decisive, competition between designers and between manufacturing companies led to the fact that more and more attention was paid to the aesthetic side. We tell you more about this together with the platform <a href="">"Theories and practices"</a>.
Another case is when everyone in general correctly understands the essence of a certain phenomenon, but often, unfortunately, they do not describe it quite correctly.