Problems with the skin on the elbows can be symptoms of diseases of various internal organs.
Cyanobacteria are able to live and reproduce in the atmosphere of Mars. The metabolism of cyanobacteria can be changed so that they produce bioplastics on an industrial scale. In the world ocean, cyanobacteria process hundreds of millions of tons of hydrocarbons.
Studies on coffee appear all the time. If at the end of the XX century they most often talked about the dangers of coffee, then in the XXI century the tone changed diametrically. Hundreds of studies on the benefits of coffee have been published. Of the latter: coffee is useful for older people as a means of preserving hearing; coffee protects against prostate cancer; coffee helps people who have suffered serious illnesses and diabetics.
Often people who want to lose weight complain about a slow metabolism. But can metabolism really be fast or slow? Professor Teresi Tolar-Peterson from the University of Mississippi decided to answer this question in detail.
Scientists say that it's all about the level of glutamate and glutamine.
The simultaneous shutdown of billions of neurons during the slow sleep phase causes the cerebrospinal fluid to wash the brain, cleansing it. While awake, this is impossible.
It's time to sell this drink in pharmacies for a long time — it's so good for health. Don't you believe it? Look at what happens to the brain when you drink (two or three cups a day, no more) coffee.
If you don't have gills, but lungs, and your native lake is frozen, you have to look for new ways to breathe. And these animals found it — some turtles learned to breathe with their booty. We tell you how it happened.
Biologists from the California Institute of Technology have found out what minimum and maximum sizes bacteria can reach. Scientists called the upper limit a ribosomal catastrophe, because too large cells need an incredible amount of RNA and ribosomes, but some bacteria were able to overcome it.