Italian scientists told how long antibodies persist after suffering from coronavirus disease, and Russian experts warned of new risks for those who have been ill.
The New York Times analyzed the actions of the Indian government, which became one of the causes of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. An Indian doctor told Nature magazine about the possible causes of the COVID-19 outbreak, how official statistics of cases and deaths are maintained, and why the outbreak has declined.
There is a new dependence in society — on the mask, and the fear of getting infected with anything has nothing to do with it.
In Florida, USA, two women aged 34 and 44 came to the vaccination point disguised as grandmothers. All in order to get the COVID-19 vaccine before others.
An article was published in the special Christmas issue of the medical journal BMJ, which tells about a young girl who drowned in the Seine. She became the most kissed girl in the world due to the fact that her face was used to create a mannequin for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training.
More recently, in March of this year, Canadian scientists have developed a fast and very simple method of removing alcohol from the body, which does not require the use of expensive equipment.
Man is not a reptile, fish or insect. Sleeping with his eyes open is a bad idea for him. However, it is possible.
A face mask can prevent the transmission of coronavirus and save lives. The ideal mask should completely block large drops that fly out of the respiratory tract during coughing or sneezing. But how to choose it correctly?
People who are unable to conjure up visual images in the imagination may suffer from other cognitive impairments.
Wearing a mask makes you get used to a lack of oxygen and a constantly wet face. But if your glasses fog up because of it, we have some tips on how to deal with this inconvenience.