Two new studies have shown what the ice cap of the south pole of Mars may be hiding under it.
This is evidenced by a study made on the basis of a picture of a volcano in the area of the Cerberus Fossil on Mars.
Okay, boomer! Watch tiktoks, YouTube and listen to the speech of your teenager, trying to understand what it is all about? It won't work that way. We have made a selection of the most popular English words and phrases that are actively used in social networks. Easy-easy, reel-tok!* Dahl would check it out, but it's not accurate.
The new telescope has a lot of advantages over both the legendary Hubble and the well-deserved Kepler.
The geologist's dream is the Gros Morne National Park in Canada. This is one of the few places where you can step onto the Earth's mantle without digging an inch.
Cyanobacteria are able to live and reproduce in the atmosphere of Mars. The metabolism of cyanobacteria can be changed so that they produce bioplastics on an industrial scale. In the world ocean, cyanobacteria process hundreds of millions of tons of hydrocarbons.
Flavanols contained in chocolate improve memory function in old age. Sleep prevents the development of dementia, as it helps to remove toxins from the brain. A new type of titanium implants has been developed that will help patients suffering from osteoporosis
The Gaia hypothesis is between modern science and New Age mysticism.
What is an angle of 23.5 degrees — after all, nonsense. But if the Earth did not rotate around its axis precisely at this angle, we would not see the seasons, and with them progress, many innovations and a sandwich with butter for breakfast. In short, humanity would have had a hell of a time. Or are we being overly dramatic? Let's figure it out.
Because of COVID-19, we have to go through a very harsh winter. The pandemic will overlap with seasonal diseases, and the short daylight hours will increase depressive moods. But there was an interesting suggestion — to sleep through the pandemic.