Our incredible ability to learn is a determining factor in the development of the species, but we still do not fully understand exactly how our brain learns new knowledge and skills.
It's tempting to think that these electromagnetic bursts can be used to predict when an earthquake will occur. However, until now, the true cause of the strange phenomenon has eluded the attention of scientists.
Nanosensors with the support of neural networks learn to listen to the music of proteins and DNA. The magnetic field allowed signals to be transmitted through the walls. The nanocapsule will replace the syringe and deliver insulin directly to the intestine.
Scientists have created magnetic nanoparticles made of iron oxide and polymer that can be delivered to any part of the human body. They are controlled by ultrasonic pulses and a rotating magnetic field.
The telescope in Hawaii, which has not yet been fully commissioned, has already made a significant contribution to world astronomy.
In our Solar System, the conditions for the appearance and existence of life are not only on Earth. Studies have shown that we can stumble upon the simplest living organisms on other planets, as well as on some satellites of gas giants.
At a distance of about 15,000 light-years from us, there is an active black hole that seems to periodically illuminate an unremarkable cloud of gas with gamma rays. But there's a catch: this cloud of gas is about 100 light-years away from the black hole and not in the path of jets shooting out of it. Therefore, it is not at all clear why it is pulsating.
Modeling on powerful computers using the latest observations of a special NASA mission has finally made it possible to explain the unusual manifestation of the aurora borealis, which has long haunted the scientific community.
For the treatment of atrial fibrillation, doctors perform an operation called isolation of the pulmonary veins by radiofrequency catheter ablation (RF), during which the patient is conscious, and a thin catheter inserted into the heart using vascular puncture, together with a magnetic field created around the patient, recreates an accurate image of the heart from the inside. We talked with doctor Alexander Borisovich Romanov, a cardiovascular surgeon and doctor of medical Sciences, about how the treatment of atrial fibrillation has changed dramatically in just two decades.
On Ganymede, as can be seen in the images taken by the Juno research apparatus, a constant plasma rain pours from the magnetosphere, which changes the structure of ice in the polar regions of the satellite.