Were the athletes of the first modern Olympic Games naked, as in ancient times, and what place was given to women at the competitions? What medals were given for third place, and were they given at all? How many days was the youngest athlete, and why were the participants taken by boat to the open sea? All the most interesting and unknown about popular international competitions in our collection.
Psychologists believe that up to 20% of the world's population suffer from loneliness to one degree or another. It is likely that against the background of quarantine measures around the world, this figure has increased significantly.
People who took refuge in stone boathouses during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius died more slowly than those who did not hide, having accepted the most terrible and painful death.
The reed boat Abora IV with a team of 24 historians and volunteers will embark on a test voyage from the Bulgarian port of Varna to the south in mid-August, with the task of passing the straits and the Aegean Sea and reaching Crete. The vessel was built in accordance with the available data on ancient Egyptian boats of that era.
Chanchal Lahiri, who was handcuffed and wrapped in a chain, had to repeat the trick of Harry Houdini - to get rid of them under water and swim to the surface. Numerous spectators gathered around the place where the focus was shown on the Hooghly River in the state of West Bengal — and the show began.
This camera should have been standing somewhere at an intersection and watching the crowd, but its fate was different: in its lens for the second year only starfish, algae and the irregularities of the seabed. It was placed in a sealed case and fixed on a frame lowered from the side by engineers of the Marine Research Center of Moscow State University, and now the device helps to study the Russian seas.
Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez, who sailed from Cuba in search of new lands and treasures, in the course of further adventures was forced to deal with the discontent of his people, who were not particularly eager to conquer Mexico. In an effort to cut off the cowardly way back, Cortes sank 10 of the 11 ships in the harbor of Veracruz on July 26, 1519.