In the conditions of universal globalization, children's bilingualism is not a whim of parents, but an urgent necessity. At the same time, this practice carries a lot of additional bonuses. So, why is it beneficial to raise a baby in a bilingual environment?
There is a curious Time Traveler application on the Merriam-Webster English Dictionary website. If you enter your date of birth, the site will show your words-the same age! That is, those words that first appeared in print this year.
The grammar of the great and mighty is a terrible dream of any foreigner. And will you, a native Russian speaker, be able to answer all the questions correctly?
Every day we hear from 10 to 200 false statements. Is it possible to distinguish the truth from a lie without resorting to various technical tricks, such as an MRI or a lie detector? It turns out that yes, and linguistics can help us with this.