It doesn't matter if you want to become a professional musician or just plan to find a new creative hobby, technology can help you with this. You just need to choose the appropriate applications and do not miss classes.
Chess is the most popular game in the business community. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sergey Galitsky, Vladimir Potanin and other famous businessmen play chess. PayPal co-founder, the first external investor in Facebook, Peter Thiel, became one of the best players in the country under the age of 21 as a teenager.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, not today, is sung in a famous song. It's about procrastination – the habit of putting things off for later, finding excuses. What is the nature of procrastination, how to deal with it, whether this phenomenon is dangerous and why it has become so popular lately — we will tell in this material.
What is it? Krabik is a framework. In other words, a way to study the structure of the system in detail and improve it. Krabik will help to build fast and seamless synchronization in teams that face a lot of parallel processes. It is a universal tool that can be mastered and scaled by anyone who works with different teams and departments. Still unclear? Let's move from theory to practice.
Wearing a mask makes you get used to a lack of oxygen and a constantly wet face. But if your glasses fog up because of it, we have some tips on how to deal with this inconvenience.
Elevators are quite safe from an engineering point of view. But if, for example, an earthquake occurs? The question of how to protect yourself from serious injuries in a falling elevator is answered by scientist Elliot Frank from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
According to experts, during the quarantine measures in Russia, the level of sales of alcoholic beverages has sharply increased. We asked an expert about how to reduce the harm from drinking alcohol, if sometimes you want to relax at dinner.
If you need to keep large stocks of food in the refrigerator, use the right containers for this. The choice of containers directly depends on the condition of the products after some time.
As you know, Monday is a hard day. The first working day can be really difficult, it is very difficult for most people to get together and be in the ranks. Read some tips on how to ease the start of the week and get into working mode.
When it is cold, damp, windy outside and there is not enough sunlight, our immune system has to work to the fullest to repel the attacks of bacteria and viruses. Here's what we can do to help her work more efficiently.