Sleeping for, for example, ten hours in a row can be called a waste of time, scientists are sure.
Polar bears sometimes slaughter walruses with rocks and blocks of ice, thereby simplifying hunting and not risking injury.
Virologist Alexander Chepurnov said that the existing PCR testing systems are not suitable for determining coronavirus strains.
Scientists have developed a set of the most successful measures for forensic medical examination, allowing to seriously narrow the circle of searches.
A team from the Finnish VTT Technical Research Center has developed an alternative to natural leather made from mushrooms and demonstrated a method for producing a continuous web of material on an industrial scale.
The protective compounds developed by the scientists of PSNIU can reduce the rate of metal corrosion by more than 90%. For example, if the corrosion rate of a metal pipe in an oil well is 10 mm/year, then after adding an inhibitor, it will decrease to 1 mm/year.
The University of Virginia Medical School managed to grow a mouse embryo from stem cells, which began to form a heart and nervous system. An American company has developed an exact artificial analogue of breast milk
The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova named the most common strain of coronavirus in the world.
How the fight between two dinosaurs became the subject of a high-profile trial.
Chess is the most popular game in the business community. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sergey Galitsky, Vladimir Potanin and other famous businessmen play chess. PayPal co-founder, the first external investor in Facebook, Peter Thiel, became one of the best players in the country under the age of 21 as a teenager.