The Kingdom of Denmark has just gotten a little bigger after researchers from the University of Copenhagen accidentally discovered the northernmost island in the world.
Survivalists and popular doctors from TV offer to drink their own urine as a disease prevention, to wash her wounds and quench her thirst. At the heart of this, the supposedly complete sterility of human urine. But is it true that urine is sterile?
A strange and amazing story, like the plot of a humorous story, happened to a donor heart. After the helicopter crash, the heart intended for transplantation was carefully extracted from the wreckage only to be dropped by a tripping medical worker. Surprisingly, none of the crash participants were seriously injured, and the organ, even after the fall, was found suitable for transplantation.
The statue, located on a historic facade in the Spanish city of Palencia, was once a work of art - until its head fell off. Soon the figure was reunited with the head, but something clearly went wrong.
According to UN data for 2018, 55% of the world's total population lives in cities. Interestingly, not always the largest cities on Earth can boast the largest number of inhabitants. The author of the YouTube channel MetaBallStudios decided to visually compare the areas of the largest cities on the planet and the density of their population.
In the city of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, the Historical Society has chosen a new mayor. This time it was the bulldog Wilbur Beiste, who collected a record number of votes and donations to the administration.
In Virginia, locals have discovered a strange creature with an anchor-like head. At first people thought it was a snake, but it turned out to be a rare worm.
Despite the brevity of the presentation, or rather its complete absence, a number of scientists have referred to it in their works.
How often have you promised yourself to stop drinking sugary soda? Most probably intended to do this even after the terrible stories that Coca-Cola corrodes the walls of the stomach. However, if you are not convinced by children's horror stories, we know that it will definitely discourage you from drinking soda for at least a week!
During the pandemic, we all managed to get a little sad because of the lack of friendly communication. As it turned out, gatherings with friends are not enough not only for people, but also for fish! After the closure of the Sea Life Helsinki Aquarium, grouper Mikko fell into depression. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he had pisces friends, but he... ate them all!