Babies, imitating the speech of their parents, begin to babble. They, without realizing it, try to cut into the conversation. This is because there are areas in our brain that are evolutionarily predetermined for speech processing. Reading literally changes the brain and modifies it.
Locals complain about the sharp smell of the substance.
Contact lenses for daily use appeared in 1995. Now they can be ordered online, bought at a pharmacy and even found in vending machines nearby in a shopping center. Doctors advise changing traditional lenses every six months, wearing them not too often and taking them off before going to bed. But what happens if you never remove the lenses?
Wearing a mask makes you get used to a lack of oxygen and a constantly wet face. But if your glasses fog up because of it, we have some tips on how to deal with this inconvenience.
The authorities of different countries take the self-isolation regime extremely seriously. Sometimes so much that they are ready to fine citizens for a decent amount just for posting photos in social networks!
Keeping money in a bank — in the one that is glass — is an extremely stupid occupation, if only because the amount will decrease annually by at least the amount of actual inflation. During a crisis, such storage is at all akin to scattering bills on the street. You can stock up on equipment, real estate or make repairs at your mother—in-law - in short, convert money into property. You can put money in the bank at 5-6% per annum — you will not compensate for inflation, but you will also lose significantly less. What other ways are there to save and even increase the money stash?
Let's start with a simple one. Are you sure you turned off the iron when leaving the house? Have the lights gone out everywhere? Do you remember exactly how you turned the key in the lock? Our memory does not work like a camera or a voice recorder, and some things we remember are not at all how they actually happened. We talk about the phenomena of memory.
From a scientific point of view, keeping secrets can harm the psyche. That's why we gossip, saving ourselves and spoiling other people's lives. But there are scientifically sound ways to help yourself and not harm others.
The unique project was born thanks to the cooperation of BMW and Surrey NanoSystem, which developed the substance Vantablack. The BMW X6 Vantablack VBx2 car will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
An unusual study was conducted by scientists from Michigan State University. The purpose of the work was not the practical use of the information received, so the scientists did not tell their readers how they transported weapons through customs — there was no such attempt on their part. They tried to track the assortment and ways of distributing weapons.