The popular myth about the possibility of mismatch of secretions and blood by the antigenic system AB0 has no basis.
Scientists from the University of San Francisco have installed a neuroprosthesis that allowed a paralyzed person to dictate whole words to a computer. Engineers from Tel Aviv University have developed an implant that allows you to restore sensitivity in case of nerve damage. Engineers from the University of San Diego have developed an electric current generator powered by human sweat. Scientists from Brown University have developed a system for diagnosing anemia by photography.
Scientists from the University of Toronto have developed a device based on a conventional smartphone that diagnoses COVID-19. According to the Scripps Research Center, collected from Fitbit gadgets, recovery from COVID-19 occurs in 2-3 months. Cuba has developed three of its own vaccines. India is successfully localizing vaccines from foreign manufacturers. Russia begins testing a vaccine against human papillomavirus.
Demographers from the University of Washington made a calculation that showed that in 2100, a person at the age of 130 years may live. There is a 99% probability that a person aged 124 will live.
The delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is 60% more contagious and resistant to vaccines than the alpha variant. Scientists from the University of San Francisco have shown that the mother's antibodies enter the baby's body during breastfeeding and protect the baby from coronavirus.
Understanding how our brain controls certain actions (for example, when we take a knife correctly by the handle) is very important for many reasons. One of them is the development of interfaces through which people can control prosthetics using the power of thought.
Last Saturday, a volcano suddenly erupted on Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, forcing thousands of people to flee to neighboring Rwanda in search of shelter. By Sunday, reports said Nyiragongo's lava velocity had slowed and that the nearby city of Goma, home to more than a million people, had been saved.
As a child, our parents taught us that we need to wait at least half an hour (or better — an hour) after eating before being poisoned by splashing in the river or in the pool. But how true is this warning?
If you look at your veins, you will notice that they have a bluish color — it contrasts sharply with the scarlet blood. So does the venous blood deprived of oxygen turn sharply blue?
In the mid-90s, a very popular blood type diet appeared. Despite the fact that many people adhered to a special diet and were sure that it helped them lose weight, the scientific side of such a diet remained controversial. A new study has provided concrete evidence that such a diet does not work.