Modeling has shown that the skeleton of this deep-sea glass sponge is not only beautiful, but also very practical and even technological.
Fordite, aka Detroit agate, is a man-made stone of amazing beauty, which consists of bright multicolored layers... what do you think?
What is it? Krabik is a framework. In other words, a way to study the structure of the system in detail and improve it. Krabik will help to build fast and seamless synchronization in teams that face a lot of parallel processes. It is a universal tool that can be mastered and scaled by anyone who works with different teams and departments. Still unclear? Let's move from theory to practice.
Plastic is much easier to work with than glass, and this is one of the reasons why it is used much more often. However, everything can change thanks to a new process that allows glass injection molding — just like plastic is being poured now.
An article was published in the special Christmas issue of the medical journal BMJ, which tells about a young girl who drowned in the Seine. She became the most kissed girl in the world due to the fact that her face was used to create a mannequin for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training.
More recently, the SuBastian robot, which is capable of diving to a depth of 4.5 kilometers, shot an amazingly beautiful report about the inhabitants of the coral reefs of Australia, we offer to enjoy this beauty together.
They won't let you into heaven without a beard, they said in Russia. Throughout the history of mankind, flowing male beards have been a symbol of social dominance and masculinity, like the mane of an alpha male in a lion pride. But does the beard have an exclusively decorative function? So many years of evolution, and in fact the same stupid beauty as a peacock's tail? Calmly, bearded men, science is on your side: facial hair is not only for the sake of beauty, but also for practicality!
The works of the Moscow photographer Alexey Klyatov became known to the general public back in 2013. Using inexpensive macro photography equipment, Alexey demonstrates the beauty of snowflakes so close that you can see even the smallest patterns. Alexey is still in search of ideal forms.
NASA and NOAA scientists got a unique opportunity to take photos of a pyrocumulative cloud once inside it. The most detailed air samples in history were also selected, which will help study this phenomenon.
In 2016, scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA), using the Herschel Space Telescope, examined a thread of cold gas that passes through a cloud of cosmic dust.