Having conducted new radio observations, astronomers have excluded the traditional explanation of the cyclic nature of the cosmic signal, which repeats with curious frequency.
Despite the fact that it is just a fragment of rock, a strange cosmic body has attracted the attention of scientists with its unusual proximity to the Sun — they do not know how it got there.
For thousands of years, people have been watching the Earth's satellite in the hope of finding out the weather faster than the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The moon really affects the weather and even the climate of our planet, although the reasons why this happens have not yet been studied.
Clouds of electrons floating in deep space were captured in high resolution for the first time, which revealed to scientists cosmic phenomena that caused astronomers deep surprise.
This is a 50-meter emotional antenna capable of sending any messages into space.
Observations on the telescopes of the Caucasus Mountain Observatory of Moscow State University allowed MSU scientists to discover the change in the orbital period and the ellipticity of the orbit, as well as to clarify the mass of the invisible black hole in the SS433 system.
If it seems to you that space technologies are something very distant and unnecessary in earthly life, then you are very mistaken. For example, a smartphone would never be the same as it is now if it weren't for space engineers.
Astrophysicists have discovered light coming from the back of a black hole. This discovery confirmed hypotheses about how these colossal objects distort the streams of light.
Can life reappear near a dead star that has passed the red giant stage? The results of the new study are encouraging.
Problems with self-esteem, lack of motivation and other difficulties on the way to communicating with foreigners. Spoiler: The snag lies in our past, but it is solved in the present.