A toy airplane, letters, clothes — for many, all these are just things. But we are talking not just about things, but about genuine objects that belonged to Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin, the same one who made a significant flight into space 60 years ago. Therefore, each of them is of great historical value. The authentic descent vehicle of the Vostok series single—seat spacecraft, the very desk at which Gagarin sat at school, and much more will be presented at the unique exhibition The First, which will be held at the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics.
Two years ago TikTok was a funny entertainment for children. And now it is a social network with an estimated value of more than $ 75 billion, which Donald Trump himself is afraid of.
The Earth's magnetic field protects its surface and its inhabitants — including all people with their fragile bodies, as well as sensitive electronics — from deadly cosmic rays and charged particles flying from the Sun. However, in some places this invisible armor is weakening, and the gaps are growing. Therefore, scientists from all over the world are studying such anomalies very carefully in order to better understand the mechanics of the magnetohydrodynamic dynamo in the bowels of the planet, as well as predict changes in the magnetic field.
The growing interest of commercial companies in space has led to a revision of approaches to the design of space suits. Throughout the twentieth century, engineers involved in the development of spacesuits were most concerned about safety and functionality. At the new, commercial stage of space exploration, when the opinion of society and its desire to invest money in the industry became decisive, competition between designers and between manufacturing companies led to the fact that more and more attention was paid to the aesthetic side. We tell you more about this together with the platform <a href="http://theoryandpractice.ru/posts/17955-kosmicheskaya-moda-estetika-skafandrov?utm_source=popmekh&utm_term=kosmicheskayamoda">"Theories and practices"</a>.
Another case is when everyone in general correctly understands the essence of a certain phenomenon, but often, unfortunately, they do not describe it quite correctly.
At the end of 2019, two astronauts, two scientists and two NASA engineers took part in another underwater expedition under the NEEMO program. They spent nine days in isolation at a depth of almost 20 m off the coast of Florida – on a manned station, the situation of which simulated work in space.
Anything can happen on flights to Mars and back, and all this time astronauts will have to rely on their own strength – and on the power of biotechnology. It is possible to heal a damaged area of skin and even bone using a fragment of tissue printed on a 3D printer from the patient's own cells.
Scientists at Sechenov University are developing a special bioreactor that can be used for space research and growing various types of cells in microgravity.
Is it true that chewing gum has been in space? What is a chewing diet? How much does the world's most expensive bubble gum cost? Read in a selection of the most amazing facts about chewing gum.
You can be the most ardent fan of auto and motorcycle racing in the world, love them more than life, but it will be very difficult to surpass Andrew Feustel in your passion. He expressed his love for speed sports by capturing several dozen tracks from space before the race he planned to watch would take place on them.