If you have a cat, then have you ever wondered why he flies out of the toilet like a bullet and starts spreading everything around. Of course, cats are strange creatures, but this behavior is completely confusing. What is going on in the pet's head?
With the power of thought, you can enter text at a speed of 90 characters per minute. The convolutional neural network developed by Intel Labs made the images of the GTA V game photorealistic. A new explanation of the cause of dreams: this is how a natural neural network copes with retraining.
Scientists have named the reasons why collective (herd) immunity is probably impossible. Cases of resistance to various forms of SARS-CoV-2 in recovered patients will help the development of universal vaccines. COVID-19 leads to hearing disorders, tinnitus and dizziness. Dogs and cats suffer from COVID-19
Cats, when falling, reflexively turn around in the air so as to land on their paws. In one documented case, a cat fell from the 32nd floor of a skyscraper in New York and survived. But falling from a great height for a fluffy pet is not always painless and safe.
It seems that cats are not happy with people and prefer to spend time alone. But pets learn from us and can imitate us.
Getting a profession and working on a schedule, oddly enough, is the lot of not only humans, but also some animals. We talk about what classes cats have mastered at different times.
These movements are completely invisible, but scientists were able to see them using an electrocardiogram and high-resolution video.
They won't let you into heaven without a beard, they said in Russia. Throughout the history of mankind, flowing male beards have been a symbol of social dominance and masculinity, like the mane of an alpha male in a lion pride. But does the beard have an exclusively decorative function? So many years of evolution, and in fact the same stupid beauty as a peacock's tail? Calmly, bearded men, science is on your side: facial hair is not only for the sake of beauty, but also for practicality!
You carefully choose your cat's name, call her, and she sits still and does not even lead with her ear. Do cats know their name? Japanese scientists decided to find out.
We tell you which indoor plants can harm your health. Be careful!