The widespread use of composite materials in the creation of new generation aircraft is one of the main trends in the aviation industry. Composites can be used to manufacture the fuselage, wings, tail and other elements of the aircraft, which reduces its weight and increases strength. However, nothing is perfect: over time, the mechanical and strength properties of composite materials deteriorate, which is associated with the accumulation of damage during operation. It is extremely important to calculate exactly how this process takes place in order to increase the resource of aviation products.
Saturn's moon Titan is one of the most intriguing places in the Solar System. So much so that NASA plans to send a rotorcraft there in the mid-2030s. Recently, the scientific group behind the Dragonfly mission outlined its scientific goals and objectives and shared them with the public.
Small lizards — African geckos — are widely distributed in the Western Hemisphere, including in America. However, historically, this species originated in south-east Africa — in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other nearby areas. So how did it happen that geckos were able to cross the Atlantic Ocean and settle on a new continent?
Not far from Alexandria, during underwater excavations of the city of Heraklion, archaeologists found an Egyptian ship that sank 2,200 years ago. Researchers of the Department of Archaeology of the US Navy have trained a neural network to search for sunken ships. 400 thousand years ago, different Homo populations could actively exchange knowledge. In the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, a fingerprint was found on a wax figurine, perhaps it belongs to Michelangelo.
No, it's not just the maniac who lived in Nevada, who kidnapped and raped people, who is to blame for this. The mystery lies in lucid dreams, Russian scientists are sure.
There are psychological influence techniques that help to promote ideas, motivate staff, enhance marketing effect, and improve the efficiency of business communication. They work great because they are based on the peculiarities of human psychology.
According to the results of a new study, the disproportionately massive core of Mercury may be the result of the powerful magnetic influence of the Sun.
NASA has allocated about 500 million US dollars for two missions to Venus: the first will be launched in 2028, the second in 2030. Roscosmos plans to send a mission to Venus in 2029. The private company Rocket Lab plans to send an automatic station to Venus in 2023.
To answer this question, a whole complex of studies is being prepared that can reveal the history of the planet.
The so–called square waves are a very unusual and even fascinating phenomenon if you watch them from the shore. If you are unlucky enough to encounter them in the water, you can only hope for the best.