The fact that vaccination can help reduce the spread of coronavirus and prevent the emergence of new strains is being talked about at every corner. But as usual, there are people who refuse to believe in scientific data. And if you are very concerned about the fate of your anti-vaccination friend, we share safe and very humane ways to sow a grain of doubt in his mind.
In the conditions of universal globalization, children's bilingualism is not a whim of parents, but an urgent necessity. At the same time, this practice carries a lot of additional bonuses. So, why is it beneficial to raise a baby in a bilingual environment?
Experts from the Gallup research agency (USA) say: about every second adult in developed countries is more or less painfully dependent on a smartphone. They are echoed by colleagues from Italy: according to the National Service for Children and Youth of this country, half of Italians aged 15 to 20 check their phones at least 75 times a day, and 62% write messages at night. One can argue about whether phone addiction is as severe as addiction to cigarettes or alcohol, but many of us really find it difficult to imagine our life without a smartphone. Where is the line between the need to always be in touch and a painful addiction? We cannot answer this question, but we can offer a small checklist: if most of the symptoms are familiar to you, it may be worth taking action.
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced the official launch of an investigation into the possibility of an official indictment of the current US President Donald Trump. Theoretically, the case could end in impeachment. We decided that this is a good reason to talk about what impeachment is and how it happens.
Scientists were able to teleport a kutrit, or fragment of quantum information based on three states, opening up a number of new possibilities for quantum computing and communication.
As you know, the brain consumes 20% of all human energy, and actively does it even at rest when we are not doing anything. So what does the brain spend more than 90% of its energy on?
Today, no communication channel can be considered 100% secure. However, the scientists have the technology of unfolding the wavefront, which can make the communication channel much more secure.