Studies on coffee appear all the time. If at the end of the XX century they most often talked about the dangers of coffee, then in the XXI century the tone changed diametrically. Hundreds of studies on the benefits of coffee have been published. Of the latter: coffee is useful for older people as a means of preserving hearing; coffee protects against prostate cancer; coffee helps people who have suffered serious illnesses and diabetics.
Many people work in coffee shops. Perhaps freshly brewed coffee can really stimulate brain activity, but what about the noise and the people around you? It seems absolutely impossible to concentrate in such an environment. And despite this, a huge number of people, especially creative professions, become much more productive in public places. What is the mystery of coffee shops?
With the arrival of autumn, many of us begin to feel constant weakness, and a depressed mood almost completely negates the rare joyful moments during the day. But how to determine when it's time to see a doctor?
Video and photography using drones until recently was available only to a narrow circle of people. Now almost everyone can take breathtaking shots from a bird's-eye view! We offer you to see together which pictures from drones won the hearts of the jury of the Drone Photo Awards this year.
We tell you the most important thing about coffee — a drink that has conquered the whole world.
Caffeine is an extremely powerful substance that can be dangerous if you consume it in too large quantities. The FDA warns: one teaspoon of caffeine in powder form is equivalent to about 28 cups of coffee, so the powder has been banned from sale in many countries.
Human skin hides complex patterns of lines that you hardly suspected.
Researchers from the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh claim that coffee can help reduce the risk of the most deadly type of cancer.
According to statistics, insomnia occurs in 28-45% of the world's inhabitants. In particularly difficult cases, you have to contact specialists to solve the problem.
It's time to sell this drink in pharmacies for a long time — it's so good for health. Don't you believe it? Look at what happens to the brain when you drink (two or three cups a day, no more) coffee.