Swiss researchers have claimed to have calculated the mathematical constant pi to a new world record of accuracy, reaching 62.8 trillion decimal places using a supercomputer.
Scientists at Imperial College London, based on the results of mass tests of COVID-19 patients, registered a decrease in cognitive functions. A somnologist from the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University warned about the need to get enough sleep after vaccination. All vaccination points in Russia appeared on Google Maps. Scientists from Imperial College London have shown that communication with trees improves cognitive functions in children and adolescents.
The prediction by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was made back in 1972. A new study has confirmed that everything is going according to plan.
A small village in British Wales is called Llanwair-Pullguingill, but in the Welsh version the name sounds like Llanwairpullguingillgogerihuirndrobullllantisiliogogogoh.
Learning foreign languages is one of the best trainings available to a person regardless of age. By memorizing new words or comprehending the wisdom of unfamiliar grammar, we develop the main organ of our body – the brain. We tell how languages make us more attentive, more rational and more musical.
There is a well-known saying that people who read books will always control those who watch TV. These are the words of S.-F. Janlis, which was repeated by B. Gates, is the one thanks to whom, in fact, people massively began to get acquainted with the world through the screen. So what is the difference between the people of the screen and the people of the book, why clip thinking is considered dangerous and whether it is true – we understand.
What exactly is laziness associated with? Why does it annoy us in others and is it so hard to resist it yourself? First of all, laziness is associated with the thrift of the brain. The brain is only about one and a half percent of the total body weight of a person, and consumes about twenty–five percent of energy.
According to the marks left by random mutations on mitochondrial DNA, both men and women can trace their ancestry through the female line all the way back to their foremother Eve.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, not today, is sung in a famous song. It's about procrastination – the habit of putting things off for later, finding excuses. What is the nature of procrastination, how to deal with it, whether this phenomenon is dangerous and why it has become so popular lately — we will tell in this material.
What is it? Krabik is a framework. In other words, a way to study the structure of the system in detail and improve it. Krabik will help to build fast and seamless synchronization in teams that face a lot of parallel processes. It is a universal tool that can be mastered and scaled by anyone who works with different teams and departments. Still unclear? Let's move from theory to practice.