The island fox from the island of San Nicolas lives only on the most remote of the eight Channel Islands of California. Since recently, it has been in a low-risk group of extinction.
For the second summer in a row, the planet is enveloped in clouds of smoke caused by forest fires. The clouds are so big that they can even affect the weather, create lightning and paint the skies in different colors. Smoke contains dangerous particles that threaten our health. Unfortunately, they cannot be contained.
It is commonly thought that oysters are grown mainly for the sake of eating. However, these mollusks are capable of more — for example, they can purify water from nitrogen and fine suspension. Therefore, many eco-activists help oysters survive and reproduce, so that they, in turn, help other species.
A new model of changes in the main current of the Atlantic is constructed — the Gulf Stream is slowing down. The area of flooding in the world increased by 20% from 2000 to 2015. No matter how much we plant forests, it will not help to cope with CO2 emissions. At the current rate of ice melting, emperor penguins will virtually disappear by 2100.
Early in the morning on New Year's Eve in Minnesota (it was 1980), a man named Wally Nelson stumbled upon the body of his girlfriend lying in the snow just a few meters from his door.
Land development is important for the economies of Canada, the USA, the Scandinavian countries, Russia and other countries belonging to the northern Boreal and Arctic regions. However, the introduction of new agricultural technologies may cause problems in the field of global climate and ecological systems of the North.
Researchers have proven that manipulating RNA in plants can dramatically increase the amount of food they produce and make them more resistant to drought conditions.
Scientists have discovered that ice samples almost 15,000 years old, taken from the Tibetan plateau, preserved many viruses unknown to science.
We tell you how things are on Mars and at a distance of 400 light-years from Earth!
Over the past month, nature has decided to once again show humanity how vulnerable it is to natural disasters. Some events, such as fires in the United States, are seasonal, but others have become a real surprise. China and Western Europe have suffered from severe floods, and huge tracts of land are burning in Russia and the United States.