With the power of thought, you can enter text at a speed of 90 characters per minute. The convolutional neural network developed by Intel Labs made the images of the GTA V game photorealistic. A new explanation of the cause of dreams: this is how a natural neural network copes with retraining.
Have you started to get too annoyed by the slurping and snuffling issued by your relatives? Well, scientists know which area of the brain is responsible for this discomfort.
Chairs and armchairs are harmful to health and posture. At the same time, massage tables evenly distribute the body weight and are equipped with a special support for the head, through the hole in which you can look at the screen located above the floor. What if we use them as a workplace?
The arrangement of letters on the keyboard affects our attitude to different words. It turns out that words that consist of letters located on the right side of the keyboard, that is, to the right of the letters y, h and n, cause us more positive feelings than those that consist of letters on the left half of the keyboard. This is the QWERTY effect. And now the evidence of its existence has been found all over the world network.