In the second part of the Terminator, liquid nitrogen turned the cyborg T-1000 into a piece of ice, which shattered into small fragments after the shot. And although this scene (maybe) anti-scientific, it's scary to imagine what this liquid can do to the tissues of an ordinary person. What if someone tries to drink liquid nitrogen?
Injection of the drug as a way to end the life of a sentenced person is used in some US states, in Vietnam and China. But why then sterilize the needles and wipe the injection site with alcohol?
In the movie, a cool guy throws a cigarette butt into a puddle of gasoline, it flares up, and the flame runs along the gasoline path. The guy pretentiously turns away, and an explosion thunders behind him. But does this happen in real life? Is it possible to light gasoline from an abandoned cigarette?
It is extremely difficult to hear someone in a crowded bar or at a noisy party. It is difficult to follow the speech of actors in Russian cinema against the background of sound effects and soundtracks. Can a person somehow train his hearing to hear better?
For the first time, scientists were able to consider how electrons behave in organic molecules at the very beginning of a chemical reaction under the influence of sunlight. For many years, the process of breaking chemical bonds in a substance could not be directly observed due to the movements of atomic nuclei. The new equipment finally made it possible to circumvent this problem and shoot a real molecular movie.
Everyone has seen in the movies how a person during an attack opens his eyes wide and grabs his chest. But in fact, a heart attack is not always accompanied by pain in the heart. If you feel the ailments described in this article, consult a doctor (in almost half of the cases, symptoms appear a few days before the actual attack).
At the end of any movie, the end credits appear on the screen. A person's life is much more complicated than any movie, but what do people see before the end of this movie?
The coronavirus continues to advance, many have switched to a remote work format, some even ended up in quarantine. What should we do now with the free time? Popular mechanics has an answer to everything: especially for you, we have selected the best short series with a rating of at least 8 out of 10, each of which can be fully viewed in one day.
If you can't wake up and go boiled all day, look around you. Perhaps the causes of your drowsiness and constant fatigue are at arm's length from you.
In the morning, you press the snooze button on the alarm clock several times, rub your eyes, drink liters of coffee, but still feel like walking in a dream for a couple of hours? If you want to wake up quickly and feel cheerful, do this.