This is a 50-meter emotional antenna capable of sending any messages into space.
Michelangelo's marble in the Medici Chapel looked dull, so the restoration team decided to resort to the help of microbes. Special bacteria cleaned the age-old dirt, giving the statues a pleasant, updated look.
The scientists analyzed the ground movements measured by InSAR and GPS stations to accurately simulate how the magmatic map of the largest volcano on Earth changed over time.
As part of the development of the Health Heuristics information platform, it is planned to organize the collection of data on the health of residents of Russia, including fitness tracker indicators. Neuroscientists from the University of Pittsburgh have concluded that music strengthens memory and heals dementia.
With the power of thought, you can enter text at a speed of 90 characters per minute. The convolutional neural network developed by Intel Labs made the images of the GTA V game photorealistic. A new explanation of the cause of dreams: this is how a natural neural network copes with retraining.
The researchers concluded that the memory palace, which Sherlock Holmes used to store and search for information in his head, really works well. Scientists have found an explanation for the Proust effect — why smells allow you to restore detailed memories.
In Florida, USA, two women aged 34 and 44 came to the vaccination point disguised as grandmothers. All in order to get the COVID-19 vaccine before others.
According to UN data for 2018, 55% of the world's total population lives in cities. Interestingly, not always the largest cities on Earth can boast the largest number of inhabitants. The author of the YouTube channel MetaBallStudios decided to visually compare the areas of the largest cities on the planet and the density of their population.
Agree, adults are damn self—confident creatures. And if you, like all normal parents, sometimes boil over because for some reason your child cannot understand what is obvious to you, like two and two, then here is the opposite case. Here is an ordinary problem for schoolchildren, which 9 out of 10 will solve without any problems. Well, shall we crack our brains?
The magnetic poles of the Earth, as you know, do not stand still, slowly moving along the surface of the planet. It is generally believed that their path is determined by the movement of masses of molten iron in the core of our planet, which affect the Earth's magnetic field. But in recent years, something strange has been happening with the north magnetic pole — it is moving in an almost straight line with increasing speed.