Three things, once started, are difficult to finish: eating good food; talking to a friend who has returned from a hike and scratching where it itches. Kozma Prutkov, The fruits of reflection.
Roskachestvo told about the rules for choosing a delicious melon, the features indicating its ripeness, as well as the best time to buy it. And, of course, the use!
Mineral water is called water that contains dissolved salts, trace elements, as well as some biologically active components. Isn't that why she's always with gas?
Chicken eggs are the most common of all eggs consumed due to their availability, but why is the color of their shell sometimes different? We explain.
The tallest tree in the world is considered a sequoia, which can reach a height of more than 100 meters, but where is the limit after which it stops growing? Or is it not there at all?
Heavy metals enter the environment due to human activity, and for many living beings they are toxic and can harm the entire ecosystem. However, some bacteria have come up with ways to deal with such metals.
As you know, the Arctic is at the North Pole, and Antarctica is at the South Pole. But why then is the climate in the first much warmer than in the second?
Uranus is the seventh planet of the Solar system by distance from the Sun, the third by diameter and the fourth by mass. But why does she seem to be lying on her side?
The so–called square waves are a very unusual and even fascinating phenomenon if you watch them from the shore. If you are unlucky enough to encounter them in the water, you can only hope for the best.
A nuclear explosion is the process of releasing a large amount of thermal and radiant energy as a result of an uncontrolled chain nuclear fission reaction or thermonuclear fusion. Anyone who has ever seen a nuclear explosion in videos or photos knows that it usually looks like a huge mushroom. But why?