Unfortunately, their energy cannot be used, but underwater volcanoes can explain how life originated on earth and why it exists even where there is absolutely no light.
People who took refuge in stone boathouses during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius died more slowly than those who did not hide, having accepted the most terrible and painful death.
One of the islands of the Kuril Archipelago, Raikoke, suffers from the activity of the volcano of the same name every now and then. This area is uninhabited, and even the outlines of the shores change noticeably with each eruption or collapse of the crater.
Sinabung volcano is located in the north of Sumatra Island. He slept for about four centuries and became active again in August 2010. After that, eruptions follow regularly, every year, sometimes several times a year. Each time this event causes the evacuation of local residents, numbering from 6 to 20 thousand. Not everyone has time to evacuate: the eruption of February 2014 claimed the lives of two dozen people.