American artist and sculptor John Grade, like many of his contemporaries and colleagues, draws inspiration for his works from the idea of unity with nature.
The statue, located on a historic facade in the Spanish city of Palencia, was once a work of art - until its head fell off. Soon the figure was reunited with the head, but something clearly went wrong.
Many works of art exhibited in museums are not protected by anything. It turns out that by accidentally tripping, a person can easily break a thousand-year-old statue or tear a picture painted by an impressionist classic from the wall. What awaits this clumsy art lover?
Our ancient relatives, the Denisovans, disappeared tens of thousands of years ago. Only fragments of small bones, a few teeth and genes transmitted to some peoples of East Asia have been preserved. However, the DNA of Denisovans was reconstructed almost entirely, and recently scientists have tried to restore their appearance, relying on the data of genetics and epigenetics.