We live in an infinite universe, although it has a finite volume, scientists said and gave a simple explanation for this.
A nuclear explosion is the process of releasing a large amount of thermal and radiant energy as a result of an uncontrolled chain nuclear fission reaction or thermonuclear fusion. Anyone who has ever seen a nuclear explosion in videos or photos knows that it usually looks like a huge mushroom. But why?
It's tempting to think that these electromagnetic bursts can be used to predict when an earthquake will occur. However, until now, the true cause of the strange phenomenon has eluded the attention of scientists.
Tin is a light and ductile silver–colored metal that has one interesting feature known as the tin plague. And yes, it's contagious!
An international team from NUST MISIS, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, universities of South Korea and Vietnam has developed a new composite nanomaterial based on iron, cobalt and nickel with controlled magnetic properties. The resulting material can be used to protect money and securities from counterfeiting.
If you look at your veins, you will notice that they have a bluish color — it contrasts sharply with the scarlet blood. So does the venous blood deprived of oxygen turn sharply blue?
When studying a section of the sky where 10 million stars are located, the researchers did not find a single sign of alien intelligence. But scientists do not see this as a problem.
Alexey Navalny had a cup of tea before departure at Tomsk airport. Emergency landing, hospitalization, artificial lung ventilation, coma. Tests were taken, a consultation was assembled, but there is still no diagnosis. Poisoned, but with what? This is more serious than the green on the face. And while Tomsk doctors are fighting for the health of the oppositionist, the Popular mechanics decided to remember what and how the special services poison the unwanted.
At a distance of about 15,000 light-years from us, there is an active black hole that seems to periodically illuminate an unremarkable cloud of gas with gamma rays. But there's a catch: this cloud of gas is about 100 light-years away from the black hole and not in the path of jets shooting out of it. Therefore, it is not at all clear why it is pulsating.
The orbiter of Roscosmos and the European Space Agency took several new images of Mars in the spring. Now scientists have decided to share these unique frames that show interesting geological features of the surface of the Red Planet.