A year ago, we witnessed a shift in education, when most offline classes were replaced with online classes, and nothing terrible happened. Especially when it came to additional education for high school students and adults. Ten or even five years ago, such a transition would have been painful due to the low bandwidth of the Internet for streaming and the lack of habit of regular consumption of content in this format.
The painting The Last Day of Pompeii in colors shows how scary nature can be. On this day 1942 years ago, the eruption of Vesuvius claimed thousands of lives, and victims of this disaster are still being found.
Australian scientists have conducted a number of isotopic studies and revealed the composition and origin of deep diamonds that were formed at a depth of about 400 kilometers.
It turns out that fingernails can tell about a person's health — in particular, about the coronavirus infection they have suffered.
According to a survey conducted by Ipsos Mori, the majority of the population of the 20 richest countries in the world is concerned about global warming and is ready for personal efforts to save the planet. According to a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, July 2021 was the warmest in 142 years of observations. Columbia University scientists have applied a new method of analyzing annual tree rings and have shown that the temperature in Central Asia has been rising since the 1990s.
In 2020, the popularity of distance medicine has increased significantly. In order not to stand in queues of polyclinics, Russians began to apply for online consultations more and more. Most often, the help of a therapist was required, but consultations of neurologists, gynecologists and gastroenterologists were also in demand.
Experts do not advise rushing with loads to restore muscles after suffering from a coronavirus infection and doing it right.
The fact that vaccination can help reduce the spread of coronavirus and prevent the emergence of new strains is being talked about at every corner. But as usual, there are people who refuse to believe in scientific data. And if you are very concerned about the fate of your anti-vaccination friend, we share safe and very humane ways to sow a grain of doubt in his mind.
In recent years, ideas about long-extinct relatives have changed dramatically. Neanderthals, who until recently seemed to be wordless and sullen half-drunks, turned out to be skilled craftsmen, healers and even artists. So, what did they know how to do?
Molochia is a variety of plants in the jute family. It is also called Korchorus, Jewish mallow, Jute mallow or Nalta. According to legend, a dish made from this plant cured a sick Egyptian ruler in the 10th century. However, over time, molochia was banned throughout the country because of the aphrodisiac effect it had on women.