Today, the feeling of hunger is easy to satisfy with a simple touch of the smartphone screen. You don't even need to talk to anyone on the phone — you chose, paid, received. It is especially convenient during illness when you can't physically get to your favorite restaurant. But it turns out that delivery services are not as cute helpers as it might seem. They manipulate our desires, forcing us to eat fast food, and even pollute the planet with packaging.
A small village in British Wales is called Llanwair-Pullguingill, but in the Welsh version the name sounds like Llanwairpullguingillgogerihuirndrobullllantisiliogogogoh.
Remember how on push-button phones you had to poke at the keyboard for a long time to find the right letter, and then also make a smiley face out of characters, for example, like this:’-). With the advent of touch phones, life, of course, has become easier, and with the advent of messengers — faster. In 10 seconds we manage to discuss the whole day, and earlier during this time the SMS only managed to reach the addressee. It seems that everyone has gone online now, and what remains for mobile operators?
Disabled employees are a difficult and sensitive topic for any business. Professionals with special needs do not need to be afraid to hire and adapt in a team. They are often promising specialists, the Megaplan company is convinced. The pandemic, remoteness and shortage of personnel have led to the fact that business has become more active in considering candidates with disabilities.
NASA has published a photo of the center of the Milky Way, which was collected for 20 years by the orbiting Chandra X-ray telescope and the MeerKAT radio telescope. Astronomers from the University of Toulouse are looking for antimatter stars in the Milky Way. Australian astronomers have concluded that a collision with other galaxies was not needed to form the Milky Way. The Internet portal Capture the Atlas has published the results of its annual Milky Way Photographer of the Year contest.
Last Saturday, a volcano suddenly erupted on Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, forcing thousands of people to flee to neighboring Rwanda in search of shelter. By Sunday, reports said Nyiragongo's lava velocity had slowed and that the nearby city of Goma, home to more than a million people, had been saved.
There is a new dependence in society — on the mask, and the fear of getting infected with anything has nothing to do with it.
What technologies should be used in business so that customer loyalty reaches more than 80% — says the founder of the network of dental clinics Belaya Raduga Artem Gazarov.
Young scientists of NUST MISIS have developed perovskite photo-converters based on nickel oxide nanoparticles for autonomous power supply of wireless low-power electronics from room lighting. Innovative photo modules are also able to provide energy to fitness trackers, smart watches and headphones.
Okay, boomer! Watch tiktoks, YouTube and listen to the speech of your teenager, trying to understand what it is all about? It won't work that way. We have made a selection of the most popular English words and phrases that are actively used in social networks. Easy-easy, reel-tok!* Dahl would check it out, but it's not accurate.