March 8 is a bunch of extra gray hair on the top of a man's head. After all, it's not enough to just choose a gift, it's important that it pleases, especially when it comes to beloved women. So we hide all the prepared pots, pans, mugs with vulgar inscriptions and other household utensils! Popular mechanics has made a selection of what is unlikely to be useful in the kitchen, but absolutely any girl will like it. Don't thank me.
Scientists from the Veterinary University of Vienna explained how to properly organize communication between children and dogs, taking into account not only children's, but also canine psychology.
This year, the most popular and best-selling toy in the world has an anniversary. The invention of the Hungarian architect appeared on the shelves of toy stores back in 1980 and since then has been exciting the minds of young and old, from housewives to professors. Erne Rubik's cube is assembled at speed by people and robots, supercomputers are looking for the fastest way to assemble, and mathematicians are trying to unravel all the secrets hidden inside a seemingly simple toy. That's because even though the inner parts of the cube are made of plastic, its real guts are the real numbers.
The ancient Egyptians took board games extremely seriously. Senet, similar to backgammon, was originally invented as a simple entertainment – however, it quickly turned into a game simulating a journey through the afterlife.
In the USA, eight people died from e-cigarettes in a month. Where did the epidemic of vaping disease come from, what causes it, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones?
Neither on holidays, nor on other days, dogs should not eat sweets, especially chocolate, British veterinarians warn for the thousandth time.