The release of toxic substances is a wonderful way that some species of frogs use to scare off predators. However, there is one thing — when using this method of protection, the toxin will also get on the amphibians' own skin. But scientists have found out how poisonous frogs protect themselves from their own poison.
For the first time, the remains of this hadrosaur were discovered in the 1980s in Argentina, and then scientists diagnosed him with a foot fracture. However, a new study now shows that this individual from the ornithopod suborder had a tumor about 70 million years ago, as well as two painful fractures in the vertebrae of its tail. But despite this, the hadrosaur was able to survive.
If you have a cat, then have you ever wondered why he flies out of the toilet like a bullet and starts spreading everything around. Of course, cats are strange creatures, but this behavior is completely confusing. What is going on in the pet's head?
Even then, insects had bright wings that made chirping sounds during flight.
Although the tiny creature's 2-centimeter skull bears a clear resemblance to much larger dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, its lean and delicate body looks more like modern birds such as sparrows or hummingbirds.
How the fight between two dinosaurs became the subject of a high-profile trial.
Do we imagine how our brain works? Lying works as a behavior model. All the behaviors embedded in our brain were formed back when we existed in nature and were part of its food chains.
For the past century and a half, scientists have assumed that the life cycle of the modern lamprey reflects the evolution of all fish — and, consequently, all vertebrates. However, recently analyzed fossils have shown that this is not the case.
The main news on January 28 is dedicated to the climate. For the first time in 2020, the countries of the European Union received more energy from renewable sources than from fossil fuels. The melting rate of glaciers has reached record levels. Over 50 years, the number of sharks and rays has decreased by 70%. The Far East and the Arctic are switching to wood fuel, which will replace diesel fuel. Most people on Earth are concerned about climate issues
Paleontologists told about how the ancient ancestor of one of the most effective bottom predators of our days foraged for food.