Several families have sued a specialist in infertility treatment – they claim that he used not only someone else's sperm from outside donors, but also his own to fertilize patients.
Currently, orthopedic surgeons use metal plates on screws to fasten unstable broken bones. However, a less problematic, more flexible alternative based on a light-curing composite material may soon appear.
All right-handers have an analytical mindset and developed logic, whereas left-handers are creative, disorganized, but artistic. Everyone has known this since childhood... and this is the deepest misconception. All people use both halves of the brain equally — a scientific fact. Nevertheless, stereotypes associated with the predominance of the left or right hemisphere persist and continue to arouse curiosity.
To answer this question, it is enough to follow the eyes of the beholder, and such studies have been conducted. In them, experts directly asked what attracted the breasts of their subjects and analyzed the movement of their eyes. So where do men and women most often look when assessing the attractiveness of a woman's breasts?
Our knees take on huge loads and more often than other joints suffer from injuries. One of the most common troubles is damage to the anterior cruciate ligament.
During an ordinary operation on the eyeball, surgeons extracted an unusual object from it, the existence of which the patient did not know anything.
A resident of Bangladesh, Arifa Sultana, had (probably still has) two uterus. The doctors did not notice this circumstance, so the further course of events turned out to be a surprise for both them and the woman.