Saturn's moon Titan is one of the most intriguing places in the Solar System. So much so that NASA plans to send a rotorcraft there in the mid-2030s. Recently, the scientific group behind the Dragonfly mission outlined its scientific goals and objectives and shared them with the public.
The protective compounds developed by the scientists of PSNIU can reduce the rate of metal corrosion by more than 90%. For example, if the corrosion rate of a metal pipe in an oil well is 10 mm/year, then after adding an inhibitor, it will decrease to 1 mm/year.
Scientists from the Northeastern Federal University have found a formula for antibacterial toilet soap containing extracts of Yakut wormwood and creeping thyme. The developments have already received a Russian patent. Now researchers are planning to create a scrub soap with shavings from mammoth bone.
On hot days, many people think about the pool in the country. We'll talk about pool water: how to clean it and put it in order so that bathing is safe and enjoyable.
Fear is a common reaction to darkness, especially in children. Scientists have finally managed to discover the brain mechanisms behind this ancient instinctive experience.
According to the monitoring of the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia's drinking water contains significant doses of medicines. This is not only the waste of pharmaceutical enterprises, the market of which is more than 2 trillion. rubles, but also chemicals already accepted by the residents of the country. During the latest research of the Institute, 47 medicines, 11 excipients, 38 metabolites, as well as vitamins and dietary supplements were found in the water resources of our country. In total, scientists have identified about 200 organic substances, while only 20 of them have maximum permissible concentrations (MPC). Where do pharmaceutical products come from in water, what effect they have on our body and how to protect ourselves and loved ones from overdose, says Maria Kuleshova, an expert biochemist at BARRIER.
Not only seeds are hidden at the poles. Scientists are also trying to preserve ancient ice in the cold of the poles for future research.
Scientists have discovered a unique state of matter that they say could help in the development of advanced solar cells and other optical and electronic devices.
Starfish hunt sea urchins, but those, as a new study has shown, can give a decisive rebuff.
No matter how good electric cars are for the environment, their engines also wear out over time. According to a new study, special dyes can allow drivers and mechanics to know that this moment is coming soon and take the necessary measures.