In the Croatian countryside, shortly before the new year 2021, the earth began to behave very strangely. It would seem that out of nowhere in a garden in Mechenčani, a village 40 kilometers from the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, an almost perfect round hole about 30 meters wide and 15 meters deep was formed.
The scientists analyzed the ground movements measured by InSAR and GPS stations to accurately simulate how the magmatic map of the largest volcano on Earth changed over time.
No matter where you dig, you will not see gold — it is dissolved in the ground, but there are places where it is present in incredible quantities, and that's why.
Paleontologists at the University of Utah investigated the evolution of internal partitions in ammonite shells. Mathematicians and engineers at the University of Utah obtained quasicrystals using ultrasound sources.
Scientists from Harvard University studied the mantle of our planet and found that in the past it was four times hotter. This suggests that it could not hold the current amount of water in itself, which means that even before the emergence of life, the Earth was covered only by the ocean.
A small town in Romania called Costesti is home to unusual geological formations — bulbous bulbous boulders called trovants. These stones have long intrigued locals with their organic shape and strange cement oozing from cracks, inspiring myths about the ability of stones to grow and move like living creatures.
This continent has not always been covered with ice. In ancient times, it was covered with tropical forests. But when was it and why did the mainland turn into an ice cap?
Over the past ten years, more and more mysterious craters have appeared in the Arctic tundra. The depth of the last one found reaches 50 meters.
Chinese scientists have found out that the movement of continents became a global phenomenon far from immediately after the first manifestation of the tectonic features of the earth's crust, but coincided with another significant event.
The record-breaking nugget of the Winner, extracted on May 26 by the Kaliningrad Amber Combine, about which we <a href="">писали</a> , has already managed to lose a little more than 100 grams.