Scientists have deduced the dependence: the higher the sea level, the lower the volcanic activity on Earth.
For some reason, the name China has been fixed in the Russian language for the largest power in East Asia. However, the Chinese themselves would say that they live in the country of Zhongguo, Tianxia or Huaxia. We understand why one country has so many names.
Mysterious geoglyphs located on the Nazca plateau in Peru, in fact, could play the role of a kind of roadside temples intended for the ascension of prayers by travelers. This hypothesis was made by a group of archaeologists who compared their location with a network of ancient roads.
Australian researchers have created an unusual map: the signatures on it are a literal translation of various toponyms into English.
1,200 people live on a piece of land a hundred times smaller than any of the districts of Moscow, which makes the Colombian island of Santa Cruz del Islote the most densely populated island in the world.
One boy went to school, and then grew up and began working in the magazine Popular Mechanics. To do this, he had to read a lot, study well – and in general grow up a lot. But it all started then, at school, with the first lessons of chemistry, physics – and the first scientific pranks.