By changing just three genes in laboratory tests, scientists have obtained the same unusual shape of the plant.
With the help of the marks left by random mutations on the Y chromosome, you can trace your ancestry through the male line all the way back to Adam. However, not biblical.
Of the 472 genomic regions responsible for brain development, 76 are also responsible for the formation of a person's face. A database has been created, which contains scientifically confirmed data on how Neanderthals and other hominids looked like.
Scientists believe that the serial killer of his own children did not kill anyone: she herself is a victim of a malfunction in her genome. How to see a face by DNA
An international team of geneticists analyzed DNA obtained from the remains of 40 people. They lived in 5 regions of Siberia in the range from 17 thousand to 1.5 thousand years ago. Scientists have found coincidences of genetic markers in the people who inhabited the Kolyma Valley and in indigenous peoples living in North America.
If wine stained everyone's teeth the same way, there would be no problem. However, after drinking a bottle with friends or in a romantic setting, some people notice that their teeth are colored purple, while the rest are fine, and the teeth have not changed color. Why is this happening?
Some people regularly go for a run, manage to go to the gym after work and easily wake up at five in the morning. Others do not always find the strength to get up from the couch and turn on the next episode of their favorite series. Is a person to blame for his laziness? Or was it passed on to him from mom and dad along with freckles and receding hairline?
They say that a completely harmless parasite that can be picked up from any cat can change a person's psyche forever. They even say that in this way he plays a secret role in the life of our society – but what does science think?
Today, schoolchildren also know that the first people appeared in Africa. But where exactly?
In 2020, scientists studied the DNA of the Australian Labradoodle in detail and came to the conclusion that there was almost no Labrador left in these dogs over the years.