Despite the fact that scientists around the world have been finding rock carvings for centuries, every time the art hidden in ancient caves amazes the discoverers. Some rock paintings are about 50,000 years old! How did they manage to survive so well to this day?
A lot has been written about this work of ours. I followed the published notes with interest and in one of them I was amazed to read about myself as a young promising graduate student," Professor of Skoltech and MISIS, member of the European Academy, full member of the British Royal Chemical Society and the American Physical Society Artem Oganov told PM. – It was also reported that we have "invented" a new Periodic Table. This is, of course, a strong exaggeration. But the work really turned out to be very beautiful, like a short exquisite song.
Most people who drink alcohol know that the more they drink, the more beautiful and attractive everyone around them will become. It is believed that a drunk person simply becomes less picky and more excited. Is this really the case? Or does the beer glasses phenomenon have other reasons?
Jeanne D'Ark is the national heroine of France, who changed the course of the Hundred Years' War. In this, she was helped by loyal associates, one of whom turned out to be a pedophile maniac who performed ritual sacrifices to demons.
Were the athletes of the first modern Olympic Games naked, as in ancient times, and what place was given to women at the competitions? What medals were given for third place, and were they given at all? How many days was the youngest athlete, and why were the participants taken by boat to the open sea? All the most interesting and unknown about popular international competitions in our collection.
Photos of young mothers with newborn babies have recently hit social networks like an avalanche. How to treat public pictures of children who themselves have not yet had time to see this world is an individual matter. But everyone who is interested in the world in which he lives is obliged to evaluate photos of the planet, which is born in real time from dust and gas.
An electrical study of the brain during the rem sleep phase shows how the body's main computer deals with external sounds trying to wake us up.
There are dinosaur footprints in several deep caves in France. In particular, in the cave of Castelbuca. Researchers and photographers found them everywhere. Even in the form of bulges on the ceiling of the cave.
A recently developed theory predicted that new lines corresponding to previously unknown radiation transitions may be present in the X-ray spectra of space objects.
Air traffic has almost stopped, public parks and other crowded places are being closed, forced vacations have been announced — the country is plunging into quarantine. How not to go crazy from self-isolation and manage to look at the main sights of the world without leaving home? Popular mechanics has recipes for all occasions.