Today, the feeling of hunger is easy to satisfy with a simple touch of the smartphone screen. You don't even need to talk to anyone on the phone — you chose, paid, received. It is especially convenient during illness when you can't physically get to your favorite restaurant. But it turns out that delivery services are not as cute helpers as it might seem. They manipulate our desires, forcing us to eat fast food, and even pollute the planet with packaging.
Friends assure you that you look normal or even good, but you refuse to believe it and demand to delete the picture. In fact, everything is simple.
New research has refuted the presence of liquid water under the surface of Mars. Water vapor circulates in the moon's atmosphere. In one day, the Greenland ice sheet lost 22 gigatons of ice. The lower the level of the world ocean, the higher the activity of volcanoes.
Ziri Yunsi, a member of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, explains how scientists managed to photograph a black hole at a distance of 55 million light-years.
Our brain draws what we can't see, for example, the lower half of someone's face. But expectations are often deceptive.
Scientists from the University of San Francisco have installed a neuroprosthesis that allowed a paralyzed person to dictate whole words to a computer. Engineers from Tel Aviv University have developed an implant that allows you to restore sensitivity in case of nerve damage. Engineers from the University of San Diego have developed an electric current generator powered by human sweat. Scientists from Brown University have developed a system for diagnosing anemia by photography.
In the shady wilderness of the Malaysian rainforest, an amazing plant without leaves that feed on sunlight is bizarrely blooming. This small sprout belongs to a group of rare flowering plants known as fairy lanterns (Thismia), and only recently scientists managed to describe it for the first time in a scientific paper.
Remember how on push-button phones you had to poke at the keyboard for a long time to find the right letter, and then also make a smiley face out of characters, for example, like this:’-). With the advent of touch phones, life, of course, has become easier, and with the advent of messengers — faster. In 10 seconds we manage to discuss the whole day, and earlier during this time the SMS only managed to reach the addressee. It seems that everyone has gone online now, and what remains for mobile operators?
To answer this question, a whole complex of studies is being prepared that can reveal the history of the planet.
A nuclear explosion is the process of releasing a large amount of thermal and radiant energy as a result of an uncontrolled chain nuclear fission reaction or thermonuclear fusion. Anyone who has ever seen a nuclear explosion in videos or photos knows that it usually looks like a huge mushroom. But why?