If a stick shoots once a year, then an empty box can turn into a camera. And this is not a metaphor at all. Moreover, the size is not important: everything from an empty matchbox to a box from under the refrigerator will do. Here is another proof of how simple, elegant and expressive physics can be. Popular mechanics has selected the most interesting things about an unusual device created from garbage and science.
Popular mechanics tells how the human eye works, why it is important to visit an ophthalmologist regularly and what contact lenses are good for.
The prosecutor's office announced that it will investigate an accident 60 years ago. Then she clarified that she would not investigate — the case was discontinued in 1959. But the prosecutors will check. They will even bravely go to the place of events.
Since the first cameras appeared, people have been looking for ways to capture the microcosm. The desired became possible with the advent of high-quality cameras and lenses that can focus on the smallest details.