It is fashionable to grow flowers now: this hobby has long attracted not only quiet decent pensioners, but also very extravagant people. The world of indoor plants is very diverse: for each of us there is a flower suitable in character, temperament and degree of originality.
Sea lilies are one of the most beautiful representatives of the oceanic fauna. These bright creatures resemble animated coral clusters, although in fact they are predators and are not averse to eating plankton and small crustaceans.
It is customary to give flowers or put them on the table for decoration. But we are much more interested in the fact that many flowers... they are good for food.
If you are a real man, you only know how to grow cacti. At best. But, in addition to them, there are a number of cool house plants and flowers that are not afraid of anything. Neither when they are watered with beer, nor when they are left to be insulted by a bull terrier. So, the most resistant house plants!