Experts do not recommend engaging in physical activity at night looking.
This summer, scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology recruited a group of volunteers who passed a number of tests for attention, memory and thinking. So researchers have found a connection between the size of pupils and human intelligence.
A curious study has shown that octopuses feel pain and react to it in the same way as mammals — the first convincing evidence of this ability in invertebrates, which used to be considered insensitive.
Having saved on alcohol, a person can wake up the next day after having fun with a ringing head and pain all over his body. Why do cheap alcoholic beverages more often lead to a severe hangover than expensive ones?
Parkour videos on the edge of the roof of a high-rise building or excitement before a public performance make your palms sweat. But why is this happening? And how to get rid of wet palms?
Palmistry (divination by lines on the palms) is considered a pseudoscientific belief due to the lack of empirical support for predictions and cultural differences in interpretation. If we can't find out the future by the lines on our hands, then why do we need them?
The bright light, the temperature drop, sexual arousal, a full stomach — we sneezed at all this. In the literal sense of the word — all of the above is the causative agent of the protective unconditioned reflex, known in scientific circles as sternation. Some do it meekly, others loudly, for some it is enough once, and for some three is not enough... Sneezing (like yawning and coughing) is good for health, and it is also useful to know the mechanisms of this entertaining process.
A study of the effectiveness of a herbal dietary supplement against hangover symptoms in healthy people has shown that alcohol affects the body somewhat differently than scientists previously assumed.
Where is the line between alcoholism and a seemingly harmless desire to drink after a busy day? Is it true that light drinks are less harmful to the body than strong ones?
Strictly speaking, these are Siamese twins — two different people fused together by a part of the body. But, if usually Siamese twins are fused by the liver, pelvic bones, skulls, etc. — in general, really body parts, then here, everything except the heads has become common.