This state of matter can increase the storage potential of information in electronic devices.
The changes in the definitions of the basic units of the International System of Units (SI) adopted in 2018 at the XXVI General Conference of Weights and Measures entered into force on May 20, 2019. It didn't affect our daily life in any way, but from the point of view of science it was almost a revolution.
It probably wouldn't hurt to decipher the terms. A topological insulator is a substance that does not conduct an electric current in its volume, but conducts it very well on the surface. He was so called, in general, by accident. It was just shorter that way.
What is hidden behind the mysterious word nothing, and how does the universe literally create the fabric of reality from an empty place?
In December 1867, James Clerk Maxwell, in a letter to Peter Tate, proposed a device that violated the second law of thermodynamics. Four years later, he presented it in the monograph "The Theory of Heat". In 1874, another great physicist, William Thomson, called this device Maxwell's demon.