A rare research equipment lost at sea 4 years ago has been found. Its contents may contain valuable information about the behavior of gray seals on Sable Island.
A new study has revealed that the strange mollusk, affectionately nicknamed the wandering meatloaf, has teeth made of a rare iron mineral that was previously found only on rocky shores.
A curious study has shown that octopuses feel pain and react to it in the same way as mammals — the first convincing evidence of this ability in invertebrates, which used to be considered insensitive.
Scientists have finally decided which fish can be called the largest in the world. And as it turned out, several sea creatures were fighting for this title.
The invention of Russian scientists will help to conduct deep-sea research more efficiently.
The researchers found that all this time they incorrectly estimated the size of the dead zones of the ocean — those areas of it where there is almost no oxygen.
Researchers miraculously caught a giant squid in the camera lens, the very existence of which until recently was the object of controversy in the scientific community.
On May 30, the movie Godzilla-2: King of Monsters will be released on the wide screen - a continuation of the story of the legendary titan lizard, which once again will have to face in a deadly battle with no less formidable representatives of a long-extinct fauna. We decided to tell you about whether a real being can reach such gigantic dimensions and why the ancient depths of the Earth are fraught with many unknown secrets.
Scientists have finally figured out how the unusual marine worm Paracatenula manages to survive, which has neither a mouth opening nor excretion systems. It turned out that colonies of symbiont bacteria feed the worm - and they have been doing this for hundreds of millions of years!
Humanity is just beginning to explore the depths of the ocean, and scientists regularly find new amazing creatures. One of these are voracious mollusks that live at great depths and at the same time feed... wood.