While the data on most storage devices can be read using electrical signals, the new technology encodes them in light. This allows the system to read them by simply checking whether the LED is on or off. Recently, researchers have developed a new device based entirely on perovskite that can do both at the same time.
Microscopies with an age of approximately 3.42 billion years have become the oldest evidence of the existence of a certain microbial life on Earth, the life cycle of which was tied not to oxygen, but to methane.
Summer is the time of dachas. And during the prolonged quarantine period, it is almost the only place of rest from the city. But even outside the city, comfort and safety are needed, and above all, clean water.
Scientists have discovered a unique state of matter that they say could help in the development of advanced solar cells and other optical and electronic devices.
Fordite, aka Detroit agate, is a man-made stone of amazing beauty, which consists of bright multicolored layers... what do you think?
After analyzing diamonds, scientists have identified three different periods of their formation in Africa over the past few billion years, which had intriguing consequences for the history of our planet.
What is it? Krabik is a framework. In other words, a way to study the structure of the system in detail and improve it. Krabik will help to build fast and seamless synchronization in teams that face a lot of parallel processes. It is a universal tool that can be mastered and scaled by anyone who works with different teams and departments. Still unclear? Let's move from theory to practice.
A lot has been written about this work of ours. I followed the published notes with interest and in one of them I was amazed to read about myself as a young promising graduate student," Professor of Skoltech and MISIS, member of the European Academy, full member of the British Royal Chemical Society and the American Physical Society Artem Oganov told PM. – It was also reported that we have "invented" a new Periodic Table. This is, of course, a strong exaggeration. But the work really turned out to be very beautiful, like a short exquisite song.
Researchers from Osaka University have used machine learning to develop new polymers for use in photovoltaic devices. After virtual selection of more than 200,000 candidate materials, they synthesized one of the most promising and found that its properties correspond to their predictions. This work could lead to a revolution in the way functional materials are detected.
This metal gorget on a metal chain was part of the uniform of the field gendarmerie.