Argyle, the world's largest pink diamond mine in Australia, closed in 2020. Argyle accounted for more than 90% of the global market for very rare pink diamonds.
Putting a nuclear reactor into operation takes years. The nuclear power industry branches into hundreds of directions, where each: from the separation of uranium isotopes to the choice of a coolant is a reason to defend a PhD. Is it possible to talk about simplifying technologies and increasing production rates with the help of 3D printing in one of the most difficult areas of science? American scientists say: Why not? and they offer to wait with bated breath for the world's first reactor with a 3D-printed core.
Russian chemists have proposed an innovative way to clean industrial ventilation systems from dangerous microorganisms.
The appetite comes during the meal and then only increases. It is estimated that if the consumption of mineral resources grows at the same rate as it has been increasing since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution - about 3.4% per year - then in half a thousand years humanity will not have enough of all the reserves of the Solar System. Already today, many of the available land deposits are almost exhausted, and mining companies are looking with increasing interest at the treasures of the seabed.