In addition to the basic well—known states of matter — solid, liquid, gas and plasma - many other, much more exotic states can be created in the laboratory.
Admit it, who has already gone on vacation? Remember that feeling of expectation that another day and you can have a good rest. It turns out that the brain begins to rest and recover while still waiting, which is why vacation has such a good effect on us.
While jogging, cycling, swimming and other types of cardio exercises have long proven to be excellent ways to burn calories, the relationship between strength training and weight loss is much more difficult to trace – but scientists have succeeded.
One of the largest detectors of the Large Hadron Collider — CMS — recently replaced the system for monitoring the radiation background and parameters of colliding beams. One of the important parts of the system is the BCML beam emergency discharge system, which is necessary to protect individual CMS nodes and their electronics from critical radiation damage. For her, scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University installed eight new diamond sensors — this is the main part of the system. It is planned that the new detectors will last from three to five years, until the next detector update.
Researchers were looking for microbial life near the Shakelton Glacier in Antarctica. But the analysis of the soil showed that there is nothing there.
A team from the Finnish VTT Technical Research Center has developed an alternative to natural leather made from mushrooms and demonstrated a method for producing a continuous web of material on an industrial scale.
By changing just three genes in laboratory tests, scientists have obtained the same unusual shape of the plant.
Scientists have found out that there is a trick that allows you to extend the rest time. More precisely, it will seem to you that the vacation or weekend lasted a very long time.
Back in 1959, Guinness brewers developed a system that radically changed the texture of their draft beer. And only recently, researchers from Japan managed to decipher the physics underlying this process.
Oxford University researchers have shown that vaccination with two different types of vaccines gives stronger immunity than each of the vaccines separately. Doctors of the Clinical Hospital of Porto Alegre, Brazil described the lambda variant of SARS-CoV-2, widespread in South America. Scientists from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri have discovered a mutation of SARS-CoV-2, in which the virus can enter the host cell in an unknown way.